Why participate in a Pilates Beginners Course rather than just a trial session?

Pilates provides fantastic benefits for participants, including: a whole body workout, focusing on core strength and more functional movement. This invigorates  participants ability to move freely, i.e. with less pain and more efficiency. We are made to move and we should enjoy it.

We keep our Pilates Matwork classes small (maximum of 10 participants) to help you achieve those benefits. This way the Pilates instructor can deliver more personalised direction for clients based on their differing needs.

Professional Pilates instructors can manage these differences and risk factors by cueing individuals separately, and still keep the group moving.  Excellent Pilates instructors will:

  • Use a combination of direct (audible), tactile (appropriate contact), and visual cueing techniques.
  • Help participants understand and achieve the goals set by the exercise combinations.
  • Work the class skillfully within a generic format aimed at the general level of the group, whilst accommodating individual needs.
  • Use the latest exercise science knowledge to maximise results and minimise risk.  This is how Pilates has developed over the last 80 years, particularly Pilates in Australia.
  • Focus on activating under-used core postural muscles and deactivating over-used larger global muscles, through movements/pilates exercises.
  • Combine all of the above to communicate the intent of each exercise.

What You Can Expect

In our beginners Pilates course format of regular sessions, progressing in challenge over 4 weeks you can expect:

  • Exercise habit reinforcement – Same time on the same day, for 4 weeks.
  • Instructor to help you achieve the goals of the exercises, whilst developing an understanding of your body and mind connection.
  • Allows the participants to undertake a realistic appraisal of the benefits of Pilates for them personally.
  • Allows participants to build on the basic movement patterns and techniques in a safer environment, towards more difficulty and intensity, appropriately over time

Gyms (and others in the fitness industry) often use “Free Session Trial’s” to get people to attend, usually in large groups class formats.  The price (Free) usually reflects both the cost to the gym/facility and also the real value to that one off participant.  Pilates is not an activity that optimally benefits from this format. The complexity, difficulty (to do correctly) and precision of Pilates demands a more rigorous personal trial and committed assessment.

A Beginners Course also provides clients with the motivation to continue as it helps create a fitness habit. Whereas “free trials” at a gym are likely to disappoint, as they will not provide the correct dynamic either in the free trial itself or in subsequent sessions moving forward.

Starting Pilates Beginners

Pilates beginners courses in Canberra are the most cost effective, when delivered properly in a professional Pilates Studio environment, like PilatesCan, by highly experienced and qualified Pilates instructors. They are also a very different and exacting exercise activity, when compared with what is available at the many gyms in Canberra.

At PilatesCan Manuka and Woden you can participate in courses that will introduce Pilates to you in the most beneficial way possible. When you continue your Pilates journey with PilatesCan you can be assured you’ll be looked after more individually, as instructors will have more time for you personally in the small group environment as the studio’s approach is to encourage all generally healthy Pilates beginners to do a “Beginners Pilates Mat Course”.

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