When I first started training I had some pretty significant injuries actually, with my back and pelvis, and they are, you know, completely cured. I have to keep working at it, but it’s been actually quite life changing for me. The sorts of things that I can do now, sporting-wise and just in my general life are so much improved after having done Pilates.

Catherine Stuart

Pilates Mat/Equipment Participant

I don’t just like Pilates, I LOVE Pilates because it makes you feel great. It is a system of body/mind integration. From my very first session that I did as a Matwork participant I felt calm and strong and centred, and my life wouldn’t be the same without it.

Emma Schmid

PilatesCan Instructor

I started Pilates because I had a really bad back... I gained a stronger core, better overall control of my body, and it’s just a really great fun time attending class each week! I really like the friendly approach by the staff, and also just the experience... it’s a really enjoyable and fun environment to have a class.

Samantha Wall

Pilates Equipment Participant