Next up is the Long Stretch Pilates Exercise.

Things to focus on  

Keep your shoulders down and wide throughout this exercise.  Maintain a long line from the top of the head to the heels.  Avoid lifting/lowering the hips as you move the carriage in and out.


Maintaining the long position while moving the carriage back and forward is a good challenge for the shoulders and abs!  

This is good for 

Developing abdominal strength and trunk stability, strengthening and stabilising the shoulders.  This is a great exercise for our intermediate students as it provides challenge while requiring good body awareness and core strength.

How to do Long Stretch

  • In plank position, inhale to bring carriage to stopper, body moving forward over footbar

  • Exhale press body back to start position.
  • Maintain plank position throughout – do not let your bottom lift or sink!
  • Keep abs drawing in and up.

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