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Gift of Pilates for 2018
Join Pilates Can and live the difference!

We care for the one who cares for everyone else. This holiday season we want you to care about yourself for a change.
What better way to care about yourself than to arrange a start towards a healthier life.
Pilates Can bring you this exclusive offer which will help you get started on your Pilates journey.
Pilates Can help you improve your posture, build your strength, mobility, confidence and body awareness.

This offer includes your first private Pilates equipment session for just at $88 instead of $121
and/or a
Pilates mat beginners course with 4 sessions at just at $88 instead of $110.

But do not pay anything till we have the right booking date and time for you.
Choose the best option/s for you and we will help you arrange an appropriate booking.
Secure your Registration now before this offer expires.

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