The exercise we will be focusing on in this post is the Diamond Press. An exercise which is perfect for counteracting the bad posture habits we pick up in our busy technology driven lifestyles.

Things to focus on

Maintain good abdominal connection throughout – this supports the low back and prevents you from hinging off the lumbar spine. Keep your shoulder-blades drawn down and wide, and ensure your feet stay on the floor.


This exercise is challenging for most people these days.  With our lifestyle of “forward” posture – working hunched over keyboards, phones and ipads, our back extensor muscles are becoming more weak and lazy.

This is good for

It is important for everyone (*unless contraindicated eg not suitable for people with certain spinal conditions) to include some sort of extension work in our workouts to maintain good posture and prevent back, neck and shoulder issues.

How to do a Diamond Press

  • Laying face down, make a diamond with your hands

  • Rest your nose in the diamond

  • Exhale to lift forehead, nose, chin then chest up away from mat
  • Inhale to return to start position.
  • Ensure low back stays relaxed throughout.

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