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Content Creator and Editor 

Who Can Grow With Us

Content Creator / Editor Work Description

We need a content creator / editor to write conscious content that will attract our target market and convert them to clients for our three main web site domains and the associated digital assets including a forthcoming book and a podcast. 

The right person will have at least one day per week available to work with us on an attractive hourly rate.  We will start off on a project basis, so that we can build a comfortable working relationship.  

The right person will be open to increasing that involvement as we present our digital marketing service offerings to Pilates businesses worldwide.   

The right content creator/editor person will also:

  • Have an excellent knowledge of our client avatar / target market for all three of our domains.
  • Be able to work as a key team member within our in-house, although remotely located team of digital marketers, graphic designers, sales professionals, and business owners.
  • Play a key role in attracting and converting traffic for each of the three current domains.
  • Be excited to help find other opportunities for our businesses to progress professionalisation within the worldwide Pilates industry. 
  • Possess excellent content creation and editing skills and experience in the digital commercial space
  • Work systematically in their role as a self-starter and consummate finisher of important key projects

About the Company

Pilates Can started with very successful local Pilates Studios in Canberra, Australia.

During COVID we have been very robust and resilient, even while being shut down for a couple of months.  Most of our clients followed us to online sessions during that time and could not wait to get back into the studio once we re-opened. 

As well as looking after our local clients via online interactive Pilates services we also pivoted during that "shutdown" time to offering online interactive Pilates to other clients worldwide through a new site of ours www.pilateszoom.com  

That www.pilateszoom.com site is now re-purposed as a product for prospective partnerships with large organisations who can reach larger populations anywhere around the world.    

We are also now leveraging into thye worldwide market via another new site, aimed at sharing our extensive knowledge and experience in the business of Pilates with the worldwide nich market of Pilates businesses. 

www.pilatesbusiness.com.au is that site, currently under development and will initially be the platform for our new podcast. The content from that podcast will be transcribed and repurposed to blog articles, social posts and eventually into a book aimed at Pilates business owners and Pilates instructors thinking of starting a Pilates business.

Our Moonshot goal for 2030 is to:

"Help 10,000 Professional Pilates Instructors Earn $200k Each Per Anum". 

Our 3 year, 1 year, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals are in alignment with that long term goal.  We intend to have a huge impact on the continual Professional development of Pilates and Pilates businesses worldwide.