Next up in our exercise series we have Book Openings!

This is good for

Book openings are great for improving mobility through the spine, particularly through the thoracic region.  This is also a great one to help stretch the chest and provide shoulder mobility.

Things to focus on  

As you perform Book Openings, ensure you are moving the torso and not just your arm – initiate the move from the rib cage rather than just letting your arm pull you back.


 If you are particularly tight through the back, it can be challenging to keep your hips stacked on top of each other as you roll the torso backwards.  Try gently pulling your top hip forwards as the torso rotates backwards.

How to do Book Openings

  • Lie on side with knees bent level with hips

  • Inhale float top arm up to ceiling

  • Exhale turn head and look behind, allowing body to follow head and arm backwards
  • Inhale hold
  • Exhale return to start position
  • Focus on rotating each vertebra one by one

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