Would you like to know why we sold our Woden Pilates Can studio? It has a lot to do with guaranteeing survival in COVID times, so we can have a bright future for Pilates Can. The great news is that we have integrated over 90% of our Woden clients into expanded Manuka studio schedules. Read on to find out how our values of caring professionalism guided our decision.

We took the decision to sell our Pilates Can Woden studio space, with careful consideration for all our stakeholders, including our clients and our wonderful staff. Here are the reasons:

Leaving our much loved Woden studio space has been difficult and emotional but, in the final analysis, the best decision.

Moving has highlighted the awesomeness of our clientele and staff, due to their strong connection and mutual commitment. The support from both clients and staff to assist with and embrace this major change has been fantastic. 

Thank you all for your empathetic reaction to assist Pilates Can with this major change. Our cooperative strengths continue to ensure our Pilates Can team success and maximise enjoyment for all involved.  One of our other important values is “Fun”, and we now have more resources to keep on making our time together such a pleasure.  

We can’t thank you enough for the continued support through these times. We are so excited about the next steps for YOU, our clients, and for all of our Pilates Can team.  We love having the privilege of working with you at our Manuka studios!

Claire & David Gunther
Owners — Pilates Can

Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.  –  Ralph Waldo Emerson