Early Bird Special 

Get a 4-week Beginners 
Pilates Mat Course

Get a 4-week
 Beginners Pilates
Mat Course




20% OFF

* Must book 2 weeks prior to course start date.
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Beginners Pilates Mat Course

Early Bird 20% Discount

Early Bird 
20% Discount

Early Bird 
20% Discount

  • 4 x 1 hour beginner sessions
  • Experienced, caring instructors
  • Feel Strong & Empowered
  • Build your core strength, balance, flexibility & alignment
  • Then access Canberra's largest Pilates mat timetable.....

$ 88 (including GST)

New course dates to be released early 2022!

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Early Bird

Normally $110, Now for only $88

Normally $110, Now for only $88

Build your core strength, balance, flexibility & alignment

Then access Canberra’s largest Pilates mat timetable…

Mary Ann

Pilates Mat Participant

I have had a little surgery on my shoulder. I have found [Pilates] has actually helped me enormously; minor things but doable things on a daily basis...
It’s a gentle form of exercise, it’s not high impact...
I just find it a gradual, enjoyable, and it’s a social thing as well.

Pilates gives me an edge because it helps me to really focus
and use the correct muscles for the correct movements.
I have improved muscle strength and stamina...
I also have more confidence in what my body can achieve.


Mat / Studio Participant

Wonder if this is the right Pilates Can program for you?

Pilates Mat sessions are for generally healthy bodies.  

We have other more personalised "Healing Pilates" sessions if your body needs more specific care and attention than can be provided in group Mat sessions. If this is you... 

then it is better that we firstly discuss your personal needs and answer any questions you have.

It is very important that you can get the best start to achieve the results you need.  


Please call us now on 0419 777 477 or provide your contact details below. 

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