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PilARTes – Collected Works of Jennie Reid


New exhibition coming this Friday 4th March!

East West Road by Jennie Reid

Jennie Reid was born and educated in Melbourne, Victoria. She spent a lot of her childhood in country Victoria and still has farming connections there. Being very interested in art during her school days, Jennie was accepted into Prahran Technical School for her tertiary art training.

She later completed a secondary teaching qualification and taught in Melbourne, Adelaide and country Victoria. This teaching included a component of art history. With her husband and children, Jennie moved to Canberra 40 years ago.

Over the years, Jennie she has maintained an ongoing interest in practicing her art. She has constantly explored different media and attended the workshops of various artists to keep her eye fresh. This included an enjoyable stint with an English artist in Sussex.

The commercial artwork now completed on computer was earlier undertaken by artists, and Jennie has also been involved in this aspect of the art world. She has exhibited and sold her work over the years in various places.

Blue Vase by Jennie Reid
Fruit on Boxes by Jennie Reid
Bird in a Triangle by Jennie Reid
Kosciuszko High Plains by Jennie Reid

Australia Day Bike Display

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Win a Beginners Pilates Mat Course!

Australia Day Bike Display
AussieImages (3)_smol

Pilates Can are hosting an exhibition of beautifully restored Australian bikes from the 70’s and 80’s. Local Cycling enthusiast Norris Robertson has installed this display prior to Australia Day, along with a history of each bike.

Win a Beginners Pilates Mat Course for yourself, or one of your friends or family.

To enter, send your answer to the following question to [email protected]:

“Which bike in the Australian Bike display at Pilates Can was not actually manufactured by an Australian company? 

Correct answers will be entered into a draw that will take place this Friday 28th January 2022.
Winner will be informed via email.  

BIG CHANGES at Pilates Can

Would you like to know why we sold our Woden Pilates Can studio? It has a lot to do with guaranteeing survival in COVID times, so we can have a bright future for Pilates Can. The great news is that we have integrated over 90% of our Woden clients into expanded Manuka studio schedules. Read on to find out how our values of caring professionalism guided our decision.

We took the decision to sell our Pilates Can Woden studio space, with careful consideration for all our stakeholders, including our clients and our wonderful staff. Here are the reasons:

Leaving our much loved Woden studio space has been difficult and emotional but, in the final analysis, the best decision.

Moving has highlighted the awesomeness of our clientele and staff, due to their strong connection and mutual commitment. The support from both clients and staff to assist with and embrace this major change has been fantastic. 

Thank you all for your empathetic reaction to assist Pilates Can with this major change. Our cooperative strengths continue to ensure our Pilates Can team success and maximise enjoyment for all involved.  One of our other important values is “Fun”, and we now have more resources to keep on making our time together such a pleasure.  

We can’t thank you enough for the continued support through these times. We are so excited about the next steps for YOU, our clients, and for all of our Pilates Can team.  We love having the privilege of working with you at our Manuka studios!

Claire & David Gunther
Owners — Pilates Can

Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.  –  Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Pups & Pilates: a PAWesome Combination!

Thursday 21st November marks an exciting time for Canberra dog parents as PatchPets, the social app for dogs, officially launches in true downward dog style with Pups & Pilates at Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie.

PatchPets is stretching out Australia-wide to deliver like-minded dog parents a centralised hub to connect, exchange information and locate dog products and services no matter where they are.

21-year-old PatchPets founder Josh Fritz said they have been overwhelmed with the response during the PatchPets app trial period, and are excited to officially launch an improved experience nationally with a unique park experience for pups and their owners.

“PatchPets is hosting a national Pups & Pilates tour to give pups and their parents an opportunity to connect with other dogs and people in a fun and exciting way!” Mr Fritz said.

“As a dog parent I know the importance of socialising your dog – it can enhance their development, adaptability to different environments and how they adjust to other dogs and people.”

Mr Fritz says PatchPets seeks to increase interaction within the canine community as research indicates 40 percent of dog owners make friends more easily by connecting over their furry friends.

“PatchPets endeavors to positively impact our community by encouraging socialisation via meetups and in-app interaction, with the hope to build a stronger, healthier and safer canine community,” he said.

“Our national Pups & Pilates tour perfectly harnesses the PatchPets mission of embracing innovative ways to enhance the lives of dogs and dog owners.”

With studies suggesting animal sentience is so strong that dogs tend to mimic the moods and emotions of their owners, Pilates Can Co-Director and Principal Pilates Instructor, Claire Gunther says the wonderful benefits of Pilates enjoyed by humans can also benefit their furry friends.

“There is no denying Pilates is great for the mind, body and soul – aside from the physical benefits that speak for themselves, regular Pilates practice can improve focus, boost brainpower and decrease stress,”

“We’ve created a 45-minute workout that is sure to boost endorphins and give dog parents the opportunity to bond with their pup,” Claire said.

Pups & Pilates Canberra is a free 45-min workout at Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie, locals will need to bark quickly to secure their spot.

Pups & Pilates Class Details
Date: Thursday, 21 November 2019
Location: Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie
Price: FREE!
Class times: 10:00am session – book here

Check out the Facebook event page for more details!